Saturday, September 11, 2010

Marketablity of Gemstones

Are you starting to shop for the holidays.  Stay tuned for a series of articles about gemstones

There are five factors that affect the marketability of a gemstone






The first thing you should consider is the nature of the inclusion. Think about how much the particular inclusion will affect or even threaten the stones durability. A large feather in a soft stone is much more important than a fingerprint in a hard stone. Next you want to think about size. A large single inclusion is often more important than if a stone had many small inclusions. The number of inclusions is important but may not always be negative. However, in large numbers small inclusions can reduce clarity, reduce brilliance and therefore reduce value. The position of the inclusions within a gem matter as well. Brilliant cuts will conceal inclusions better than step cuts. Also inclusions are easier to see under the table face than under a crown facet. The last thing to think of is relief and this is an important one. It is how noticeable the inclusion is against the color of the gemstone. An inclusion where the color is a contrast or darker than the gem is going to be more visible than one that is large but colorless. If the inclusion is very noticeable in the gemstone it can lower the value of the stone considerably.



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