Thursday, January 1, 2009

Metaphysical Properties of Pearls

Metaphysical Properties of Pearls.

Pearls usually come in a pale white or a cream color but you can find pink, darker blue, sometimes gray and even black. Pearls are in tune with women, and especially so with pregnant women. Pearls relate to inner growth and form. Pearls absorb by nature so you need to remember this when wearing pearls. If you have having a day where you feel that you have a lot of negative energy and you are wearing the pearls they will absorb this energy and will hold it. You should cleanse the pearl regularly. Pearls can be very nurturing and if we use them in a proper way they can lessen stress and the results that stress can have on our body. If you are going to use pearls with other stones consider using a diamond which will help to amplify the energy and purify. Emeralds will bring out the negative energy and disperse it. This stone is recommended for a variety of occupations including artists, chiropractors and farmers. The white color is a symbol of a pure heart and mind. It is of the sea so it has the water and lunar elements and because of this will help to balance emotions. It is especially good for water signs. Fire signs are not as compatible with a pearl unless they feel drawn to it.