Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday November 5th

Today I spent the day finishing some pieces that I have been working on. I seemed to be focusing either on Tourmaline stones which are for the heart chakra or light blue Ceylon sapphires. I also seemed to be clutzy today as I broke a few things while making them. I also dropped stones and spent time finding them.

The fourth chakra is located near the center of the sternum. The physical attributes are characterized by their pulling in and pushing away. Our arms and hands are executors of our heart chakra energy. They can reach out for things or reach out to keep things away from us. One of the functions of the heart chakra is to balance our personal needs and the needs of others. The ultimate in balance is following our own path while allowing others to follow their own.

The fourth chakra moves us out of physical and into the spiritual. More on the spiritual aspect of the fourth chakra tomorrow.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday November 4th Forget-Me-Not

I have been working on jewelry most of the weekend. I recently danced in an Alzheimer’s walk. I say danced because I am a belly dancer that dances in P.U.R.E, which is a dance troupe to promote peace and positive energy in the community. It was an overwhelming event emotionally as my mother is in her final stages of Alzheimer’s. She had some issues the week before and I knew being there would be difficult. I have also lost a grandmother and grandfather from Alzheimer’s as well as have an Uncle with it. This is truly something that is in my family and my heart. I work hard to promote positive energy to them but often find it difficult. After doing some research I found that the forget-me-not flower is the flower that is used by many Alzheimer’s groups so I went to work creating some. I entered 2 flowers into juried art shows and both were accepted. I named this group of work “Joan” after my mother. It gave me great peace to be able to do this and have it turn out so well. Seeing her name on the wall was so wonderful. It renewed my spirit to be able to work with her on something, even though she is lost in her own world.

I spent the weekend creating different forget-me-not jewelry to try and expand on it. Forget-me-nots from the wedding flower definitions mean remember me forever. I have decided to add them to my line in honor of my mother as well as a symbol for remembering. It can be someone that we may have lost and wish to remember or someone special in our lives now. I made myself a ring this weekend to see how the style would work and I placed my mother’s name on the inside so every time I wear I will think of her.