Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What we are thankful for

I have asked my friends to continue giving me things that thy are thankful for. In times like these it is easy to focus on all the problems in the world. Changing our focus to the things that we are have and living in an attitude of gratitude can help us to go through tough times. Here are what my friends are grateful for.

I am grateful that I didn't have to pay off my speeding ticket!

I am also grateful for the people who have influenced me in my life for the better that surround me daily.

I am thankful for having such supportive friends who are always there for me.

I am thankful for being a part of a team who has grown into more of a family.

I'm grateful for a working body and brain.

I'm grateful to have a mother that cares enough about me to bug me almost daily. :-)
I'm grateful to be working for a company that appreciates what I do.

I'm grateful that I got my heater working this morning!

I grateful for my two children that keep me young even though I'm growing old.
I'm grateful for love I get from my friends and family everyday.

I am grateful to have a job that I like that pays my bills.

I am grateful to have my house which I love that is in a location and a neighborhood that I love.

I am grateful for the love of my life...Wyatt. He is more human than feline and the calm in many of my storms.
I am grateful that I was raised in a very loving tight knit, albeit dysfunctional family.
I am extremely grateful for all the new friends I have made since returning to VA.

I am grateful for a beautiful sunny day with a yard full of crisp autumn leaves and a holiday chill in the air.

I am grateful for a warm friendly house full of soft fuzzy dogs and a sweet, loving wife.



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