Monday, November 24, 2008


Today I asked my good friends if they wanted to share what they were grateful for. This week I want to honor the spirit of gratitude and my good friends. They know who they are.

We are grateful for :

I'm grateful for every experience I've had this year.

I'm grateful for the many good friends I have.
I'm grateful that I have enough to eat and a warm place to live.

I'm grateful for my lovely wife and her beautiful pregnancy. :)

I'm grateful to be dancing in two troupes with such wonderful insane people. I fit right in.
I'm grateful my mom and stepdad have moved back here from they just have to get they're own place.

I am grateful that I'm not the one who has to cook for 37 people on Thursday. (I'm sure they're grateful for that too).I

am grateful that I sneezed twice this morning and didn't pee either time.

I am grateful for such a wonderful group of friends that I have in PURE.
I am grateful for my child’s college fund.

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