Thursday, November 5, 2009

Symbols in Jewelry

As a person who has been in the "fine"jewelry industry for years I would never have thought about wearing much less making jewelry for healing. I also never really thought about its meaning. There are many symbols that different groups wear and people from every culture have used spiritual symbols to focus their energies connect tot he metaphysical world and touch the divine. A sybol is symply an object, picture word sound or makr that represents something else. In spirituality and religion, symbols are instant cues that remind us of the Eternal. From the cross worn by Christians to the Om drawn by Hindus to the lotus flower portrayed by Buddhists, symbols help us to channel our throughts and intentions on spirituality. These spiritual representations also identify us to others who share our same path and journey. Finally, each symbol, whether a hamsa or a yin yang, is an immediate reminder of the divinity in ourselves and all those around us.

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