Friday, March 13, 2009

Pearl Value- Surface Quality

Surface Quality –Cultured pearls an organic material s they are going to show surface characteristics. This is perfectly normal and there are many different types of irregularities.

Abrasions – These are going to be scratches on the surface that a result of damage to the pearl.
Bump –this is a very small little blister, welt or bulge that is normally very small and does not change the basic shape of the pearl.
Chip – A place on the pearl where there is an opening in the surface.
Crack – This is a fracture in the nature that reaches the surface of the pearl. It can also be a fracture in the nucleus.
Flat – A spherical or symmetrical pearl that has a small flat section. It needs to be too small to change the overall shape of the pearl.
Gap – The nucleus is not covered by nacre in a specific area.
Pit – A small depression or indentation. Looks like a small pinprick. They can be found just as a single or in a group.
Scratch – A depression or thin grove that is in the surface of the pearl.
Spot – An area in the nacre that is either darker, lighter or even more dull that the surrounding areas.
Wrinkle – This can appear as a crease or even a ridge in the surface of the pearl.

For evaluation pearls are divided into four categories.
Clean – A trained person will examine the pearl and find them to be spotless or have a very minute surface characteristic.
Lightly Blemished – The trained person will find minor surface irregularities.
Moderately Blemished – The trained person will find noticeable surface irregularities and characteristics. Heavily Blemished – The trained person will find obvious surface issues. The durability of the pearl might be affected by these blemishes.

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